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Kiwi Post Driver
The Kiwi Post Driver was developed to serve high volume users, such as fencing contractors, municipalities, do-it-yourself ranchers and farmers, or anyone who wants the finest piece of
equipment capable of handling the most difficult jobs.

Kiwi Fence School
Every farmer knows the value of a good fence. High Tensile Fences are less expensive, more durable and more effective for containing and protecting livestock. Now you can learn to build one of the best fence systems available from the people who introduced High Tensile Fence to the United States.
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High_TensileBuilding your KIWI High Tensile fence

You have already decided what kind of fence you need, now the next step is to determine where you will put it. Be sure of your boundaries, check local laws and regulations pertaining to fencing and locate any potential hazards, both natural and man-made, such as underground utility lines and overhead electric wires. Make sure the fence path is clear of brush and debris. Once you're ready, install all end and corner posts. Next, run out a single guide wire to help assure a straight fence line. This wire will become the bottom wire of the fence and serves as a guide for setting the line post.

Attach the guide wire to both end posts. Use a chain grab wirepuller or an in-line strainer to pull the guide wire taut (about 100 pounds tension). For safety's sake, wear appropriate clothing, heavy leather gloves and eye protection when working with any wire fence and, when driving posts or operating other power equipment, wear hearing protection. If the terrain is hilly, drive the rise and dip post first and staple the guide wire to them before setting the line posts.

Setting the post(s)

Check the chart, which gives suggested post space distances for the type of fence that you are building. In most cases, the use of Kiwi Droppers® will allow you to reduce the cost by increasing the distance between posts.

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RepairAre your gates electrified?  Do you hear clicking on your phone line after installing an electric fence energizer?  This segment will assist you in troubleshooting your fence and how to repair many common problems.

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