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ABS Plastic

This is an abbreviation for “Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene” Plastic. It is a strong grade of plastic.


This is an abbreviation for “Alkaline Copper Quat”. It is a water-based wood preservative that prevents decay from fungi and insects.


This is the aluminum coating on the wire.

Cast Claws

This is a gripping mechanism on chain walkers.


This is an abbreviation for “Copper Chromium Arsenic”.

Choke Coil

This slows the lightening strike down. It is a number of loops of wire intended create a point where lightning is forced to travel in circles rather that a straight line creating a impedance and thus a point where it chokes or slows down.

Class 1

This is the poorest quality of galvanization.

Class 2

This is the middle quality of galvanization.

Class 3

This is the best quality of galvanization and a 30 to 40 year life is likely.

Cog Spool

This spool makes tightening wire much safer.

Corner Posts

These are sturdy wooden posts driven deep into the ground to provide extra support for the tension put on a fence line as it changes direction. Corner posts are not only used at corners, but also for gates and end posts.


This is a brownish oily liquid consisting chiefly of aromatic hydrocarbons obtained by distillation of coal tar and used especially as a wood preservative. Kencove does not use Creosote to treat their posts.

Double Brace Assembly

This is a double system of tension and/or compression components that provides strength, support, and/or stability.

Double H-Brace

This is a double h-brace assembly is normally used for high tensile fences with over 6 wires.

Double Lead-Out Wire

This has two heavily insulated soft galvanized steel wires protected within a white sheath. It can also be used in ground return and bi-polar fence systems.

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