Kiwi's High Tensile Wire, Hardware and Posts are strong and long lasting but the best feature of the Kiwi System may be its versatility. The same wire, posts, hardware and general construction techniques that are used for livestock containment and depredator/predator exclusion are incorporated in the construction of trellises for vineyards and orchards.
High Tensile Fence
You have already decided what kind of fence you need, now the next step is to determine where you will put it. Be sure of your boundaries, check local laws and regulations pertaining to fencing and locate any potential hazards, both natural and man-made, such as underground utility lines and overhead electric wires. Make sure the fence path is clear of brush and debris...
Electric Fence
Your KIWI high tensile fence can be easily electrified using new high voltage, low impedance type energizers. The construction methods described for non-electric fences also apply to electric fences with one important exception. Energized wires must be insulated from the post; hardwood Droppers® are self-insulating. The need for insulation makes it necessary to plan for electrification before you begin construction.
Get some base readings. Plug the energizer in and record the reading between the power out and ground poles. If there is a second (auxiliary) power out pole get the reading between this one and the ground pole. Follow the same procedure when the ground system is attached. Install the leadout and get the reading at the fence end of the leadout. Finally, attach the leadout to the fence and take readings at intervals along the fence.
The 3 major elements for controlling workplace hazards are: Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Engineering controls are the best because the hazard is removed from the job but often cost prohibitive. Administrative controls are second in importance. This reduces the daily exposure by either limiting the time the task is performed during the workday or limiting the...
Anti-Deer Fence
High Tensile Woven Wire Barrier Fence: An 8’ high fence can be built using 8’ fabric. This method can reliably deter deer entirely. High Tensile woven wire can be expected to last 15–30 years. Bracing for this style fence consists of two 14’ x 7” posts with a 16’ x 5” horizontal post. Line post may be all 12’ x 4”-5” or 10’4” Tee posts provided that a 12’ X 6” Line Boss post is used at a 4 to 1 ratio. The same construction...
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