Max-Ten High-Tensile Wire
Max-Ten wire is a key component in the high tensile fencing system. We offer 3 different products under the Max-Ten brand of wire. The Max-Ten 200 , the Max-Ten 200+ and the Max-Ten 170. All three wires are 12½ gauge. All Max-Ten wire is received on large carriers ranging in weight of 900 to 3000 pounds. Which is then coiled to manageable sizes of 4000’ and 2000’ coils. A 4000’ coil weighs approximately 105 # and a 2000’ coil weighs approximately 53#. We also will have short footage rolls available. The coiling process is known as a thread laid coil. A thread laid coil means that when you drop your coil of wire on your Spinning Jenny (TSJHH) secure your Spinning Jenny arms and then cut the bands on the wire it will lie flat. It will not spring, or  spiral while unrolling during payout.  The process also helps to prevent the wire from knifing in and tangling. Not all companies have a thread laid coil and not all thread laid coiling processes are the same.

Some things to look for when purchasing high tensile wire.

• The gauge of your wire and choose the proper gauge for your use.
• The maximum and minimum PSI rating on the wire.
• Know the coiling process.
• The class of galvanization, you want it to say Class 3 not III or some other notation.

Max-Ten 170
Max-Ten 170  has a PSI 140,000 min with 170,000 psi max. This wire is  easier to bend and that makes it easier to break. The breaking strength is approximately 1000 to 1200 pounds. Some customers primarily in the southern states prefer to tie the wire rather than use crimping sleeves. If you tie wire then you would want to use Max-Ten 170.
Max-Ten 200
Max-Ten 200,000  has a 200,000PSI minimum breaking strength ensuring a superior strength to the wire which is  approximately 1540 pounds. This means it will take 1540 pounds of force or pressure on the wire for it to break. The wire is Class 3 galvanized to prevent rusting and ensure long life. Available in 4000’, 2000’ and short length coils.
Max-Ten 200+
Max-Ten 200+ is an electro-galvanized wire.  Electro galvanized means the wire is drawn
and then wiped clean to allow 20% more galvanization to adhere to the wire.  The breaking strength of this wire is approximately 1617 pounds which is higher than the Max-Ten 200 wire.  It is available in 4000’, 2000’ and short length coils.