Spinning Jenny with Brake

This Spinning Jenny features an adjustable spring brake to control over spin when you stop pulling the wire. The Jenny can be....

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Rewind Hoop for TSJHH


A rewind hoop is available to fit the TSJHH for rewinding wire. This is a must if your trying to reuse high tensile wire.

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Wire Twisting Tool - Short Flat


This wire twisting tool has a shorter handle than others on the market. Although it
will work on....

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EZ Daisy Handle


Tensioning tool for the EZ-Daisy wire strainer. Easy hand over hand method will tighten your strainer very quickly.

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Handle for Wire Strainer
This tool is designed to fit over the end of the cog and with a ratchet motion...

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9” H.D. H.T. Wire Cutter
The 9” handle gives you greater leverage, a strong jaw for consistent cutting...

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Ring Insulator Tool
This tool fits into your drill chuck and will install the IRI2 or IRI2W at top speed.

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