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Kiwi Post Driver
The Kiwi Post Driver was developed to serve high volume users, such as fencing contractors, municipalities, do-it-yourself ranchers and farmers, or anyone who wants the finest piece of
equipment capable of handling the most difficult jobs.

High Tensile Fence Planning
You have already decided what kind of fence you need, now the next step is to determine where you will put it. Be sure of your boundaries, check local laws and regulations pertaining to fencing and locate any potential hazards, both natural and man-made, such as underground utility lines and overhead electric wires. Make sure the fence path is clear of brush and debris...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why so many wires?

Because there are 8 wires in a 4-strand barbwire fence (2ply) and we are relying on strength and tension rather than the spike of the barb.

How strong is it?
Barbwire breaks at 950 lbs. of pull (2 ply 12 1/2 gauge). Max-Ten 200 High Tensile Wire doesn’t break until 1540 lbs. (200,000 PSI 12 1/2 gauge).
Skid Steer Mounted Post Driver
Skid SteerSpecifications:
Min. Recommended Wheel Base - 38"
Min. Recommended Width - 60"
Forward Back Tilt - Bucket Controlled
Side To Side Tilt - 50 Degrees
Unit Weight - 1600 lbs.

The skid steer mounted driver allows for greater utilization of one of the most versatile pieces of equipment a fence builder can use. The mount has a unique sideways pivot that adapts to the quick attach plate of that particular model, which permits a 50 degree tilt.

Hydraulic Post Driver (with foot)
Skid Steer Mounting System

Auger System – Uses the driver as mounting hook-up. Delivers 10 HP and is used for pilot holes in exteme rough and rocky soils. 4 1/2" diameter.

Pressure Auger – Independently mounted along side the post driver, uses the auger system or heavy duty auger as a drive unit.

Heavy Duty Auger System – Uses the pressure auger as a mounting hookup. Used to drill holes up to 6 " in diameter in soil and rock.