For years the only way to join fence wire was to tie a knot.  A knot is still used today, but we have learned that it does not give full holding ability.  Today the most common and economical  way to join wire is to use crimping sleeves.  Sleeves come in a variety of sizes to fit all gauges of wire. By using crimping sleeves in the proper manor it gives a full strength connection., this means 100% holding ability of the wire. You will need a crimping tool with this product.  Although this is the most common way there are other options.  You can use the Quik-Splice which has approximately 80% holding ability of the wire.  An option for end terminations would be a Quik-End. For electrical connections try an Open Tap or a Split Bolt Line Tap.  For more on each of these products look further in the product section.
C12 Crimping Sleeves
1-2 Sleeves are used on 14-16 gauge wire, and are used in the 1-2 slot on your....

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C23 Crimping Sleeves
2-3 Sleeves are used on 12½ gauge wire, and are used in the 2-3 slot on your....

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C2L Crimping Sleeves
Long crimping sleeves are available and are becoming very popular.  They are a the....

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C2LAL Crimping Sleeves
C2LAL Sleeves are aluminum and are used on 12 ½ gauge wire. Has the holding....

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C34 Crimping Sleeves
C34 Sleeves are used on 10 ½ gauge smooth wire and 14 gauge barbed wire.

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C45 Crimping Sleeves
These sleeves are used on 8 gauge smooth wire and 12 ½ gauge barbed wire. Fit’s the 4-5....

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CT4 Open Tap Crimping Sleeves
Open Taps are used to connect electric from one strand of  fence to another.  It has one open end and a closed end.  Put the open end over your existing  electrified wire and install a new....

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Quik-Splice makes a very quick connection with any tools.  It has two holes one on either end, simply insert the 12½ gauge wire into the ends and it grabs with spring loaded clamps. 

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A Quik-End is used as an end terminator.  You simply drill a 3/8” hole through your end post and  insert the Kiwi Vise on the outside of the post.  Put your 12½ gauge wire through....

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Zinc Split Bolt Line Tap
A zinc connector that, depending on the wire size, will hold up to 4 wires in one tap. If you need to improve the quality of your electric fence voltage use a split bolt line tap as an electrical....

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