Choke Coil & Lightning Diverter
Lightning Choke Coil and Arrestor Combination
This design in lightning protection combines the two essential components....

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Energy Limiter/Flood Gate Controller
With the Energy Limiter (Flood Gate Controller) is is not necessary to switch the bottom wire off when vegetative growth makes it....

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Digital Voltmeter
This digital voltmeter reads up to 9000 volts on an easy to ready LCD display. Includes 9 volt battery. This is the most ...

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5 Lite Tester
Check the voltage on your electric fence by inserting the pin into ground then touch the probe to fence wire. Voltage level is shown on neon indicator lights. Measures up to 5500 volts.
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Kiwi Aluminum Warning Signs
The Kiwi Aluminum Warning Sign, with large black letters printed on both sides, makes a very visible sign. With the unique....

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Ground Rod Kit
The Kiwi Ground Rod Kit is an easy way to have everything at hand to install your grounding system.

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