Single Wall Insulated Wire
12 1/2 gauge single heavy wall, insulated wire. More economical than the double insulated variety. Comes in a variety of lengths. To suit your specific needs.

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Insultube is designed for taking electrified wire under gates by putting the H-T wire through the tube. It can also be used for insulating jumper wires between non-electric fence wires.

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3" Long Ring Insulator
This wood post ring insulator uses a heavy screw as its base to hold itself in those cracks of the old locust posts or in the soft wood of old telephone poles....

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Double Nail Pin-On Insulators
Double Nail Pin-On Insulators are probably the best wood post insulators sold. These insulators have a large spark flange around the base, and the wire is held further away....

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Claw Nail-On Insulators
The “Claw” Style Insulator is probably the best choice if you are putting temporary fence onto wood posts. The wire is installed by turning it about 80 degrees and sliding....

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Wraparound Insulators
Wraparound post insulators for corners or ends. With a metal insert to keep the wire from cutting through the plastic, these insulators are durable and convenient to use.

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Heavy Wall Insulators

Use this extra thick-walled insultube to give protection for undergound wire. .23" ID, .55" OD

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Double "U" Insulators
Double U Insulators are used on end and corner posts. The electrified wires go on the inside of the corner post. It is used much like a porcelain donut where a loop of....

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