Kiwi Fence School

Kiwi Fence School

Kiwi Fence Training School - Spring 2014
presented by Kencove Farm Fence, Blairsville, PA

Kiwi Fence School is for anyone who wants to learn how to install agricultural fencing, or fence contractors looking to improve skills or expand services. Taught by well-known and experienced professionals in the industry, the school offers the latest installation techniques and building options.

About the School
We've been training people to build high-tensile fence since we introduced it to the U.S. in the early 1970's. The two day school will give you hands-on training and answer all of the most frequently asked questions. Delivered in an easy to understand way, the product knowledge and construction techniques we share make this school a valuable investment.

You Will Learn
How to build high-tensile fence, electric fence, woven wire fence and horse fence
Construction techniques and safety requirements
Hydraulic post driver operation
Estimating and job calculating guidelines

Hands On
It will be two days of classroom and hands-on training. You will learn how to build high-tensile fence, woven wire as well as Hotcote, Kencote and Horserail fences.

You will gain the knowledge needed to issue a proper estimate. We will discuss the cost differences of short fences versus longer runs. Learn how to incorporate all costs into the equation.

Building a Successful Business
A successful business is more than just building fence; it takes time, dedication and hard work. We will review record keeping, customer service, proper insurances and
other aspects to ensure success. It has been said "Time is Money" - the fact of the matter is the time and money you spend today for training will repay you far into the future.

Affordable Price
The registration fee covers two full days of classroom, hands-on training, workbook, lunch both days and dinner the first evening. $350.00/person; $250.00 for one additional person from same company (or family).

Register Early
We limit the number attending so that each student will receive personal instruction. Just mail, FAX or phone your registration with your payment. Mail to: Kencove Farm Fence, 344 Kendall Rd, Blairsville, PA 15717. Walk-in registrations permitted if space is available.

Details and registration form will be posted on this page when it is available. Or, fill out the form below to be notified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why so many wires?

Because there are 8 wires in a 4-strand barbwire fence (2ply) and we are relying on strength and tension rather than the spike of the barb.

How strong is it?
Barb wire breaks at 950 lbs. of pull (2 ply 12.5 gauge). Max-Ten 200 High Tensile Wire doesn't break until 1540 lbs. (200,000 PSI 12.5 gauge).